Southern California's trusted structural engineers since 1978.

CA Certified Structural Engineers for Residential & Commercial Buildings

Peter T. Erdelyi & Associates has designed more than 10,000 structures in the Los Angeles area over the past four decades, including airports, healthcare buildings, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, residential additions, and remodels. Our team of CA certified professional engineers, drafters, expeditors and project staff will deliver plans that withstand the test of time. If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably seen one of our buildings.

We have the Expertise for any Project

Navigating the world of permits and building codes can be confusing and time consuming. We can help upgrade existing structures or consult on new builds.

We provide structural engineering consultations for:

– Designs
– Inspections
– Retrofits
– Home Additions & Remodels
– New Construction for Commercial & Residential
– Commercial Improvements

We also can act as expert witnesses, conduct peer reviews, and assist with permits and expediting.

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    We are part of the Los Angeles Community

    Structural engineering is our bread and butter. We understand that Southern California has unique needs. There are earthquake codes that are constantly changing as we find new and better building technologies. We have an environmentally conscious population who want sustainable materials. Our goal is to create beautiful, affordable structural building designs that contribute positively to our community. We have not only done this for the past 40 years, but we have also designed projects, like the Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial, to support and recognize the people we serve.

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    We keep you up to date on the new laws and restrictions involved with building projects.

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