Do you remember the opinion splitting article I wrote on “Earthquakes and Fracking” or “What the frack?”. In that piece I humbly had the opinion, that although many environmentalists use fracking as an evil method, that creates earthquakes, therefore it should be banned, the truth is that earthquakes happen so deep underground, that fracking has nothing to do with it. Particularly I used the La Cienega oil field as an example since I live so close to it in Culver City. Long and behold, there were a couple of earthquakes, albeit relatively small, on April 12 exactly under this oil field.

Did I put my foot in the mouth? Should I just shut up and be quiet since I don’t know anything about earthquakes? Maybe, but I’ve read a small article in the Los Angeles Times after this earthquake with a title: “QUAKE NOT LINKED TO OIL DRILLING”

In this article the author Veronica Rocha writes, that the magnitude 3.5 earthquake that rattled parts of Southern California on Sunday night occurred right under this La Cienega oil field, where extensive fracking is going on, near the Newport – Inglewood Fault and I quote: “Lucy Jones, a U.S. Geological Survey seismologist, wrote on Twitter that oil drilling, or fracking, was unlikely to be responsible for the quake because it occurred at a depth `way below the oil fields` under the epicenter. Instead, the scientist said the shaking appeared to be caused by movement in the Newport – Inglewood Faults”

Do I feel vindicated by this article? Not at all. Earthquakes are very complex natural phenomenon and only continuous research and studying of past events can lead to understand them and maybe someday to predict them.

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