Multi-Family Building Additions

Now is the time to invest in building additional units onto your property! There is a housing shortage in California, and our government is supporting investors and management companies in creating additional units on their properties.  Adding new units onto multi-family buildings brings together all of our expertise from the initial plans to the final inspections. Multi-family buildings offer unique challenges with the floor plans, building materials, and design aesthetics. We can help you build strategically and cost-effectively. 

Additional Units = Additional Income

Maximize the space you already have by building additional units. Whether you have open parking or covered parking, we can use this space to create additional rentable units!

Have other open space?  Garages maybe, we can use that too! Give us a call today to learn how we can show you how to maximize your income with additional units.

No Parking? No Problem!

In 2019,  California passed a law that allows property owners to adding units onto their existing properties without having to supply additional parking as long as public transportation is available within a half mile.

By combining structural engineering and design, we can convert your existing parking space or unused space into additional units.  Any new units don’t need their own parking spaces.  This maximizes the space you already have and adds rental units!

Start Adding Units Today!

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