Structural Design

Our skilled team of engineers use the latest technology to design a variety of structures, from custom homes to large commercial buildings. No project is too big or too small. Are designs take into account time, materials, and safety regulations. We also engineer with each building’s specific use in mind, taking into account each function and desired aesthetic.

Structural Engineering for Commercial Buildings

If you are considering building or investing in a new commercial property, a licensed and experienced structural engineer is essential. We work with you and your team, or can provide experts of our own, to ensure your structural plans are compliant with code and viable for your business needs. We’ve worked with airports, healthcare facilities, office buildings, retail spaces, apartment complexes, and much more.

Structural Engineering for Mixed Use

Mixed use buildings can be a challenge because of the different codes required for retail and residential spaces. To keep projects affordable and on schedule, you’ll need a team to help you with planning and materials.

Multi-Family Properties

We are experts in designing multi-family complexes like apartment buildings. We consider different floorpans and community space footprints in our designs, so you can be sure to have rental properties that are desirable and sustainable. 

Recently, new laws were passed that allow management companies and property owners to build additional units on existing structures without having to worry about providing parking to tenants. We have a special expertise in building additional units on multi-family units.

Structural Engineering for Residential

Are you looking to take down a wall, remodel, or add on to your house? Or perhaps you want to build from the ground up? You’re going to need a structural design and inspection to make sure you maintain a solid foundation for your home. We can help you from start to finish. Not only do we inspect your home and draw up new plans, we can help you with permitting and project management to keep costs affordable and the build on schedule.

Accessory Dwelling Units

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. The state of California defines an ADU as “an attached or a detached residential dwelling unit on the same lot as an existing dwelling unit zoned for single-family or multifamily use that provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons, including permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation on the same parcel as the single-family dwelling is situated.

Peter T. Erdelyi & Associates has an entire sub-division devoted to building ADU’s. Visit ADU Garage Experts to learn more. 

Design & Drafting

Residential remodel projects like additions and remodels often require building design drawings; plot plans, floor plans, elevations, section both for the as-built (existing) and the proposed layout. Our designers and drafters can prepare these drawings for you and work in coordination with the engineering team to turn your project around quickly and efficiently.

Permits & Expediting

We’ll take care of the paperwork for you; our expeditors will submit the drawings to the Building and Safety department on your behalf and walk the paperwork through the building permit process.