Structural Inspections

A structural inspection examines the structural integrity of a property for existing or potential problems. We examine framing, load bearing walls, foundations, and other key components of your structure in order to verify integrity or propose a solution to keep your building or home safe.

We Offer Structural Inspections for:
  • Existing Commercial Structures
  • Older Single-family homes
  • Remodels
  • New Commercial & Multi-Use Builds
  • New Residential Builds

Do I need a structural inspection?

A structural inspection gives you an overview of the structural condition of the building and determines if existing symptoms that are visible have an underlying structural cause and also helps to foresee future structural issues.

Anytime you are buying a new property, particularly when there’s visible damage, it is highly recommended that you have a structural inspection.

Things to Look Out For

  • If cracking, shifting or moving in the foundation, walls, concrete slabs, stucco or other parts of the building
  • Visible or suspected damage by earthquake, fire, nearby construction, wind, water, termites or insufficient maintenance.
  • Unstable, falling structures (chimneys, retaining walls, etc.)
  • Uneven floors, bulging or separating walls, deflecting joists or beams, deformed windows and doors.

Planning New Construction or a Remodel?

An initial consultation with a professional engineer before any construction will help you maintain the structural integrity and safety of your property and also stay in compliance with all city regulations.

Talk to an engineer before:

  • Opening up or removing a wall to check if it is a load bearing one.
  • Planning any changes or additions to a building to verify if the existing structure can support the addition and/or remodel.
  • Installing a new roof to ensure the existing structure will safely uphold the new weight.

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