I’ve been writing my newsletters for quite a while and get responses all the time. In our last edition I wrote what I thought were a couple of interesting articles about some legal issues like landlords responsibility and a possible scenario for water problems after a major earthquake. To my surprise the responses, and there were many – which is not surprising given we send our newsletter to about 3,000 people – came in almost exclusively about the “What the Frack!” article. It seems to be a very politically sensitive issue given the nerve it hit with so many of my readers. Of course the responses were on both sides of the isle, so I’ll share with you a few of the most interesting ones.

“Interesting piece on fracking. Perhaps we can become energy independent and stop buying oil from people who want to cut our heads off.” — Brian K.

“I enjoy your blog/newsletter very much. You have a great way with words, and you put forward some very thought provoking topics. Fracking Marvelous! I look forward to the next issue.” — Rob J.

“I think fracking should be outlawed until some carefully designed studies can find ways to do it in places where it won’t contaminate the groundwater and it is least likely to cause earthquakes.” –Mary B.

“Great write up! Thanks for the useful knowledge.” — Michael A.

“I agree Peter that earthquakes are not the issue with fracking but debunking one aspect of the debate doesn’t mean that environmentalists are all wrong.” — Emilio V.

“The biggest issue that I see is where is the talk about desalination????????????? Are we waiting until “too late” like 20 towns that are trucking water in to drink? This state is so stupid it’s amazing… Bullet train or drinking water? Hmmmmmm” — Wayne S.

“Thank you for your article based in truth. I am so sick of the save the earth crowd that vilifies anything as being environmentally disastrous with nothing factual to back up the claims. Fracking in general occurs thousands of feet beneath water aquifers and has no effect on water quality because of the distance that separates them. Also in a world of increasing global uncertainty this technology gives America a great domestic supply of oil. Made in America oil supplies are booming as a result of this technology. A welcome creator of jobs. Just check out the job growth in North Dakota because of the Bakken Shale area. The save the earth crowd also believes that earthquakes are precipitated by this technology. Pure Baloney. Thanks for laying some truth out.” — Steven M.

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