Say Aloha to Saving Energy!

Recently I’ve spent another vacation in Hawaii. This was not my first trip there, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve visited Hawaii. I got married on the sandy “Shipwreck beach” area of Kauai, barefooted Hawaiian style, and I know there will be many more trips there. It is just a magical place, a true paradise on earth. I believe I’ve seen everything an avid traveler can see on every island of Hawaii. At least I thought I did. This time there was something new that caught my eye and it was not nature’s beauty.

Driving from the airport on Oahu in Honolulu there was an area where on every roof of every single family residence there were solar, or photovoltaic (PV), panels. I asked the driver of the shuttle how come every house owner is so conscientious about energy efficiency. I was told that is absolutely not the case. The state of Hawaii mandates that every new residential development has sufficient — according to the size of the house — PV elements. This area not far from the airport was a new subdivision, therefore every single house had to have these panels.
I think it is a great idea! Are we going to go “green” in the future or what? Instead of limiting sizes of Homes, as the current trend does, which I totally oppose, let’s make them more energy efficient. When people want to spend more money to live the lifestyle they want, and they can afford it, let them spend more money on things that make more sense. This is one thing that would make more sense.
This is what I would suggest. It looks like Hawaii has all the beautiful things on earth. Let’s steal this, not so beautiful idea from them. Every new single family dwelling and new addition in California should have PV elements installed, according to the new square footage of the structure above a certain minimum per permit. The bigger the house or addition, the more PV elements there would be. This could be extended to apartments and condominiums and/or commercial projects as well. I’m not saying that this would solve all the energy related problems the state of California has, but definitely would help to mitigate our present and future energy needs. We just recently had a new/revised energy (Title 24) law. This could have been part of it. What do you think? Am I only dreaming?

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