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As everybody knows, there was always the possibility of building a “granny unit”, or “recreation room” in addition to an existing single family dwelling on an R-1 zoned lot. These structures could not have a kitchen, because that would have created a “second unit”. The City of Los Angeles recently changed the zoning to allow a second, or “rental”, unit to be built on the same lot with a full kitchen and bathroom. It doesn’t have to be just a wet bar and a half bath, as was the rule before. Parking requirements are very lax, only an open space has to be provided for this additional unit.

Easy isn’t it?

We see a definite increase lately in these types of designs coming from the architects we do business with. It will be interesting to see what type of effect this will have on apartment building construction, which is in full swing lately.

Home owners, this is a great opportunity to create additional income to ease your mortgage payments or provide truly separate living quarters for your children returning from college, or aging parents. After all, nothing brings a family closer together than a little separation.

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